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About Certifications

TalentCertified provides Certification Programs for OPENSOURCE IT Professionals, enterprise architects and IT specialists. Our certification programs provide a worldwide professional credential for knowledge, skills and experience for Opensource IT professionals.
TalentCertified is accredited by IAO (International Accredition Organization) talentCertified Certifications has been accredited by International Accredition Organization. IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world.
Talentcertified assesses and certifies the Opensource professionals to make them globally recognized, credible and portable validation that you have the knowledge, skills and expertise to get the job done. It’s the most reliable guide for selecting qualified professionals for critical roles, as well as a clear path for professional development and advancement. It helps the employers to employ the right resources with right skills and on the other hand it lifts the bar of the talentcertified professionals from the regular trend of skilled professionals to become qualified and assessed professionals.

Internship Certificate

11 Months Internship certificate provided to all candidate for better carrier in there profession

TalentCertified Hadoop Developer - 101

Becoming an TalentCertified Expert, it communicates your proficiency & skills in the technologies that you have chosen to be in your career to the customers, employers, and colleagues. Attaining certification also differentiates you from competitors and gets your résumé more value,preference over others and you will be recognized as a Certified Professional. Plus, once you are certified you are entitled to join the TalentCertified Alumini, where you can create a profile and connect with other TalentCertified Experts and linked to the gateway of better job prospects.
Becoming a talentCertified Expert allows you to:
• Differentiate yourself from competitors
• Enhance value for your talent and gain better visibility
• Certified Professionals always have an edge over the uncertified, as it defines very clearly that your skills are assessed and you have the subject knowledge.
• Get your résumé positioned well in the market
• Gain recognition from your employer
• Leverage the power of the brand
• An immediate and a clear way to tell the worlda about your expertise and communicate your proficiency

TCDH: TalentCertified Developer for Apache Hadoop
TCAH: TalentCertified Administrator for Apache Hadoop
TCSHB: TalentCerfifed Specialist in Apache HBase

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