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SAS Clinical
Start Date: 17-08-2015 Duration: 30 hours Price: 16000 Offer: 15000 Status: Limited

Clinical SAS programmer courses cover potential elements required by the industry today. It’s a complete project readiness program for the clinical research & pharmaceutical market.

SAS Business Intelligence allows its users to use an integrated, stout and flexible presentation layer for SAS Analytics potential, including statistics, data and text mining, predictive analytics, forecasting, and optimization – all integrated within the business context for better, faster decision making.KBS Training Institute conducted SAS BI training is available via both online and regular classroom coaching method. While students can happily opt for regular course module on-job professionals can attend the online course module at their flexi time and from their own place in offshore mood. KBS training institute offers best quality training for their students as well as offers industry compatible placement assistance for the successful students. This institute offered SAS BI Online Training is run by Beast ERP professionals hence it meets best standard.

Reasons to join

The SAS Global Certification Program provides you a means to validate your SAS software skills and earn industry recognition for your knowledge. With a professional certification from SAS you will set your apart from the competition today by earning the only globally recognized credential endorsed by SAS.

Invest in yourself today & reap the benefits tomorrow.

·         Increase Career Opportunities & Brand building

·         Earn global recognition for your SAS expertise

·         Distinguish yourself in today’s competitive job market

All course content are accredited by International bodies and have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality training service.

Best of two methods, classroom training and online learning, is Blended Learning. Courses are conveniently designed with blended learning model to fit your requirements.

Instructors are certified and highly qualified with decades of experience in subject matter.

Training is structured around case studies, problem-based learning, approach to improve a learning experience and encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.

Be assured of your success on certification exam. You are covered with 100% money back guarantee otherwise.



·       course logistics

·      overview of Foundation SAS

·      SAS syntax review

·      navigating the SAS windowing environment (self-study)

Getting Started with SAS

·      introduction to SAS programs

·      submitting a SAS program

Working with SAS Syntax

·      mastering fundamental concepts

·      diagnosing and correcting syntax errors

Getting Familiar with SAS Data Sets

·      examining descriptor and data portions

·      accessing SAS data libraries

·      accessing relational databases (self-study)

Reading SAS Data Sets

·      introduction to reading data

·      using SAS data as input

·      subsetting observations and variables

·      adding permanent attributes

Reading Excel Worksheets

·      using Excel data as input

·      doing more with Excel worksheets (self-study)


Reading Delimited Raw Data Files

·      using standard delimited data as input

·      using nonstandard delimited data as input


Validating and Cleaning Data

·      introduction to validating and cleaning data

·      examining data errors when reading raw data files

·      validating data with the PRINT and FREQ procedures

·      validating data with the MEANS and UNIVARIATE procedures

·      cleaning invalid data


Manipulating Data

·      creating variables

·      creating variables conditionally

·      subsetting observations


Combining SAS Data Sets

·      introduction to combining data sets

·      appending a data set (self-study)

·      concatenating data sets

·      merging data sets one-to-one

·      merging data sets one-to-many

·      merging data sets with nonmatches

Enhancing Reports

·      using global statements

·      adding labels and formats

·      creating user-defined formats

·      subsetting and grouping observations

·      directing output to external files


Producing Summary Reports

·      using the FREQ procedure

·      using the MEANS procedure

·      using the TABULATE procedure (self-study)


Introduction to Graphics Using SAS/GRAPH (Self-Study)

·      creating bar and pie charts

·      creating plots

·      enhancing output


Controlling Input and Output

·      outputting multiple observations

·      writing to multiple SAS data sets

·      selecting variables and observations


Summarizing Data

·      creating an accumulating total variable

·      accumulating totals for a group of data


Reading Raw Data Files

·      reading raw data files with formatted input

·      controlling when a record loads

·      additional techniques for list input (self-study)


Data Transformations

·      manipulating character values

·      manipulating numeric values

·      converting variable type


Debugging Techniques

·      using the PUTLOG statement

·      using the DEBUG option


Processing Data Iteratively

·      DO-loop processing

·      SAS array processing

·      using SAS arrays


Restructuring a Data Set

·      rotating with the DATA step

·      using the TRANSPOSE procedure

Combining SAS Data Sets

·      using data manipulation techniques with match-merging


Other SAS Languages

·      an overview of other languages

·      using the SQL procedure

the SAS macro language

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Excellent Training.

Thanks Sysinnova

- G Avinash Kumar

As my trainer had a deep knowledge in subject the same i could grab from him.

Thank you so much sysinnova

- Sathish

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