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Automated Software Testing
Start Date: 10-08-2015 Duration: 20 hours Price: 10000 Offer: 9000 Status: Limited

Testing accounts for almost 30 percent of the software development market. US spends an approximate 69.5 Bn $ on testing, and the global outsourced testing market is estimated to be a $13 billion industry. With the boom of the third party software testing business, the need for quality and trained manpower has become a critical issue in the industry. Typically, the training focuses on process, tools, and certification in the testing space, and focused at creating entry level testers. Thus it presents a great opportunity for offering formal technical education in Software Testing, leading to an international certification.Designed as an entry level program for graduating engineers, and job seekers interested in making a professional career in Software Testing, this program provides an overview to Software Testing as function, and enables individuals to demonstrate basic knowledge and awareness in the field of Software Testing.

After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

     Keyword-Driven automation testing
     Test enhancements with synchronization & verification
     Test parameterization
     Modular actions' creation & re-usability
     Object repository & debugging tools usage
     Describe & use virtual objects
     Use of Custom checkpoints

Reasons to join

SOFTWARE TESTING CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM:  TALENTCERTIFIED SOFTWARE TESTING  Certification is the only open source certification body, which helps professionals to certify and validate their skills professionally. The certification is authenticated by the global accreditation body IAO.

 Exposure to the complete  process of Testing
    Providing hands on experience on wide range of tools used in the industry.
    Equal weight age for theoretical and practical sessions.


Automated Software Testing Tools Course Contents
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Preparing to Record
Creating a Basic Test
Working with Objects
Adding Synchronization
Verifying with Standard Checkpoints
Using Parameters and Data Driven Tests
Making Reusable and Multiple Actions
Creating Tests on a Web Application
Writing Custom Checkpoints
Using Database Checkpoints
Utilizing a Shared Object Repository
Utilizing Recovery Scenarios
Transaction Points
Test Batch Runner
Object Spy
Error Handling
Regular Expression
VB scripting:
Declaring Variables, Data Types, Constants, Input-Output Operators,
Conditional    Statements, Loops, Procedures, Library Functions
File System Objects
Excel Objects
Descriptive Programming
Invoke Application
Test Objects 

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