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Best Computer Jobs for the Future - Posted by Daniel Greenspan on  29 May 2013 in IT Career News
-    Posted by Daniel Greenspan on Tuesday, 29 May 2013 in IT Career News

10 computer jobs will experience the fastest growth through 2020, pay salaries well above the national average, boast top employment rates and offer a range of advancement opportunities
Software Engineer Employment Projections | 2010 - 2020
•    10-Year Growth Pct: 30% (much faster than avg.)†
•    10-Year Growth Volume: 270,900 new jobs
•    Average Salary: $90,000
•    Software Engineer Career Path

Software engineers design, develop, test and optimize the computer programs we use every day, e.g., business apps, operating systems, video games, network control systems and social networks.   Modern languages used by applications software engineers include Java, C, C++, PHP, Objective-C, Perl and Python. Mobile app developers are specialized applications software engineers who develop apps for smart phones and tablets.
Java has got a lot of potential to develop and grow in many areas. Especially in mobile phone applications. Mobile phone applications are very wide scope area where Java is being used for its portability and independence. Most of mobile phones operate over Java implementations.

Apart from mobile phones Java applications are also significant for other small devices like palmtops, digital diaries etc. Knowing Java is essential in develop both desktop and android apps.

Participants with knowledge of programming language such as C, JavaScript, PHP or COBOL.
Participants should know how to:
•    Structure data
•    Use variables, flow-control statements and subroutines
•    Write, compile and execute a program

What Experts Say?

JFP (Java Programmer - Foundation) CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM:  TALENTCERTIFIED - JFP Certification is the only open source certification body, which helps professionals to certify and validate their skills professionally. The certification is authenticated by the global accreditation body IAO.

Only a few years ago, Java EE was used mostly by larger companies—now it becomes interesting even for one-person shows.”
-Adam Bien
Among the most celebrated Java EE developers in recent years, , is consultant Adam Bien, who, in addition to being a JavaOne Rock Star for Java EE sessions given at JavaOne, is a Java Champion and the winner of Oracle Magazine’s 2011 Top Java Developer of the Year Award and recently won a 2012 JAX Innovation Award as a top Java Ambassador.

He expressed excitement that the smallest companies and startups are showing increasing interest in Java EE. “This is a very good sign,” said Bien. “Only a few years ago, Java EE was used mostly by larger companies—now it becomes interesting even for one-person shows. Enterprise Java events are also extremely popular. On the Java SE side, I’m really excited about Project Nashorn.”  Nashorn is an upcoming JavaScript engine, developed fully in Java by Oracle, based on the Da Vinci Machine (JSR 292) which is expected to be available for Java 8.



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