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Who should get into it?
  • Most of the testing methods and practices are not very different from 20 years ago. It is nowhere near maturity, although there are many tools and techniques available to use. 
  • Good testing also requires a tester's creativity, experience and intuition, together with proper techniques. Software testing is an art.
  • Testing is more than just debugging. Testing is not only used to locate defects and correct them. It is also used in validation, verification process, and reliability measurement.
  • Professionals in Software testing are highly valued and their career prospects are very bright.The industry is expected to have 30000 opening in  Software Testing  in the next two or three years.


  • Anyone new to the testing area    
  • Persons whose test experience is narrowly focused (does not have a life cycle view)
  • People with a management or leadership role in testing
  • Anyone who wishes to advance his/her professional standing in testing   


What Experts Say?

SOFTWARE TESTING CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM:  TALENTCERTIFIED  TESTING Certification is the only open source certification body, which helps professionals to certify and validate their skills professionally. The certification is authenticated by the global accreditation body IAO.

Professionally trained software testers are in great demand and sought after in the industry. The growth prospects are tremendous.

As per Gartner Forecast, the industry will be worth $50 million with forecasted CAGR of 14 percent through 2014. According to Asheesh Raina, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner, “Organizations today have rapid cycles of change on the business front. Software testing is increasingly recognized as the cornerstone of supporting rapidly changing business conditions, making organizations more agile. Testing is important for India because it has a large ecosystem of IT service providers. Poor quality standards will have substantial strategic implications for IT service providers. In a few years, the enterprise, IT organizations and service providers will be distinguished by their quality capabilities (encompassing process and service management). Their position in the top tier will be substantially due to their quality capabilities and failure in that will lead to downtrend.”

Ananda Rao Ladi,President of the STeP-IN Forum Head, Testing Business Unit, MindTree; has this to say:

'Software testing as a career option has evolved significantly in the last 10 years. Most of the product and services organizations have a dedicated career path for test engineers. Many engineering and management institutes teach software testing as a part of their core curriculum. To be a successful testing professional, an Engineering or MBA degree is preferred. Most of the organizations have realized that testing needs specialized attention. Testers become trusted advisors to the product managers and are responsible for a great customer experience. Being a testing professional also ensures a faster career growth, because the demand for testing is growing faster than many other disciplines. They can specialize in one of the specialized testing tracks. They can also grow into product managers, business analysts, project managers and trusted advisors.”

On the first day of GTAC Google Test Automation Conference. There have been some really good talks.

Keynote by Prof. Nicklaus Wirth

Prof. Nicklaus Wirth opened the first day of GTAC. Prof. Wirth is a winner of the Turing award and currently working at ETH Zurich. Prof. Wirth worked through the years of Computer Science showing how things have improved over the years. he explained that through those years you couldn't just pull up a debugger and find the issues.

Prof. Wirth also used the famous Dijkstra quote that 'Testing shows the presense of bugs, not the absence of them' so we can't just assume that we are making high quality code. He also had a complaint that universities are not teaching programming to the students. He likened computer programming to playing the piano, its easy to learn to play with 2 fingers but to play with all 10 fingers is extremely difficult so its easy to create programs but hard to make really good applications.   So the solution? Initially, software testing and software development went hand in hand, but now Software testing has emerged as a specialized discipline in itself. The role of a software tester is crucial as they are trained to pick out flaws, if any, in the software.On the first day of GTAC Google Test Automation Conference. There have been some really good talks.




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