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In the present times, embedded software has found immediate application in telecommunications, consumer electronics, defense instruments, railroad networks, electronic payments, and smart cards industry.  Looking at its diversity of applications and potential for production of highly innovative products, embedded systems can be considered as the primary technology of the future. 
In India IT industry is making a big leap from ‘services’ to ‘product’ development and Embedded Systems is the ‘heart’ of product development and there is a huge demand for Embedded Systems engineers. But in reality there is a skill shortage where companies are not able to recruit engineers at the phase they want. Due to this demand-supply problem, embedded systems domain is one of the highly paid and hot areas today.  This domain offers a   challenging, sustainable and exciting career with ample opportunities.

·         The training is aimed at two categories:

  • Entry level Engineers planning to establish career in embedded field with the following prerequisites.
  1. Basic knowledge of electronics/ digital electronics.
  2. Computer programming course in any language with exposure to variables, arithmetic, logic, loops, and functions.
  • Practicing embedded software engineers to gain expertise / specialize on particular vertical.



What Experts Say?

EMBEDDED CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM:  TALENTCERTIFIED EMBEDDED Certification is the only open source certification body, which helps professionals to certify and validate their skills professionally. The certification is authenticated by the global accreditation body IAO.


3 ideas to turbo-charge your career prospects 
Projection by ‘Frost and Sullivan’:
Of the $3.25 billion design market in India in 2013, embedded software contributed to 78 percent at $2.53 billion; VLSI, 18 percent at $0.58 billion; and hardware/board design, 4 percent at $0.14 billion.(Figures from Frost and Sullivan.)

The research company projects that the design market in India will grow to 43 billion in 2015 with embedded software contributing to 84 percent at $36.34 billion; VLSI, 12 percent at $5.09 billion; hardware/board design, 4percent at $1.64 billion.

Joseph Raffa, venture partner with Adams Capital Management, and Chris Lanfear, director of embedded software research for Venture Development Corp., analyzed the landscape  of embedded industry. Lanfear said there is roughly $1.9 billion in sales each year for embedded tools, with one subset of that, mobile applications, growing at a 35-percent compound annual growth rate. The amount of code written per project soared 46 percent annually between 1980-2005, Lanfear said. The number of developers hired to write that code has risen only 7.5 percent annually, he added.

The worldwide market for embedded technology was $101.6 billion in 2009, and was $113 billion in 2010.  The market will exhibit steady growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% over the next 5 years and BCC expects the market to reach $158.6 billion by 2015




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